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Over 44 Years of Professional Experience


ISA Certified Arborists

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Our Expert Tree Services

Tree Trimming & Pruning

We excel in meticulous tree trimming and pruning,
enhancing tree health, and promoting optimal
growth for a vibrant landscape.

Tree Removal

We provide efficient and safe tree removal
services, ensuring the removal of unwanted or
hazardous trees with expertise and precision.

Stump Grinding

We specialize in stump grinding, eliminating
unsightly stumps to enhance the aesthetics and
safety of your outdoor space.

Lot & Land Clearing

We offer comprehensive lot clearing solutions,
removing vegetation and debris to prepare your
property for development or landscaping projects.

Brush, Log and Debris Cleanup

We take care of the aftermath of tree maintenance and land
clearing with our comprehensive cleanup services. From brush and
logs to debris, we ensure a thorough and efficient cleanup process.

Storm Damage

We help with storm damage cleanup and
restoration, providing swift services to mitigate the
impact of severe weather on your trees.

Crane Services

We offer professional crane services for safe and precise handling
of heavy materials during tree removal and lot clearing with
advanced equipment and skilled operators.

Tree Service Greenwich CT

Over Four Decades of Tree Care Expertise

Tree Care Service Greenwich CT

At Tree Service of Troy, we’ve been taking care of trees for 44 years. We do everything from pruning and removing trees to grinding down stumps and more. Recognized for our dedication, we’ve garnered prestigious awards from Angie’s List, a testament to our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Our high-standing accreditation reaffirms our commitment to professionalism, transparency, and superior tree care services. We’re here to make sure your trees are happy and healthy, just the way you want them!

We Proudly Serve Southeastern Michigan

We take pride in our commitment to serve the residents of Oakland, Macomb, & Wayne Counties. Our services are designed to enhance the natural beauty of these Michigan areas:

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